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30 Responses to Bowlers

  1. haha, the bowling stance. waiting… waiting…

  2. I LOVE how the boy’s head is tilted, WILLING the ball to go to the left!

    Adorable — great capture.


  3. valentinedee says:

    Very interesting. The comparison between the boy and the man gives me the feel as if the boy is thinking, “I better knock these damn pins down.” I like this.


  4. Niklas says:

    Very nice frame, small or tall, but still the same 😉

  5. Rae says:

    I’ve finally accepted that I’m a horrible bowler, but I like it anyways. I do pretty well with Wii bowling though, does that count?

  6. djronstar says:

    too funny
    but…is he actually willing it to the left????????? lol
    Be A DJ

  7. WAW! I really like this photo, especially the comparison between the man and the the boy.

  8. Lonnie says:

    Nice picture. Bowling is a great way to spend family time.

  9. millodello says:

    This is certainly a 300.

  10. Eva McCane says:

    everything about that little boy is perfect. the head tilt, the outfit, the large man standing next to him. it’s a perfect shot! love it.

  11. D.L. Lorente says:

    What a great picture.

  12. rmv says:

    bowling is underappreciated.

  13. fiebs says:

    Nice work!

  14. Ammon says:

    I love Jim Gaffigan’s take on bowling. For me it’s the same way. I never plan on going bowling–it’s always something impromptu like “wouldn’t it be hilarious if we went bowling?”

  15. bmj2k says:

    Looks like it is going to hit in the pocket. That kid might have a strike.

  16. I think that is the most spotless bowling alley I’ve ever seen!

  17. ristinw says:

    I love it! The kid looks cute!

  18. Geoff says:

    Very nice image, I like the boys stance.

  19. Carlie Chew says:

    What a cute picture. It reminds me of when I was kid. My mom and I were on a bowling league together from the time I could walk and she still bowls to this day and I’m 27 now! Great photo and thanks for sharing!

  20. The Hook says:

    Simple yet brilliant! We assume this a father and son bonding and our hearts melt. Nicely done!

  21. Wonderful photo! I like the boy’s stance

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